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Often, a few tips from the internet and a resourceful attitude can get you through simple plumbing jobs easily. With the right equipment, DIY home plumbing work can be performed to fix minor leakage, running toilets and others. Nonetheless, there may be more complex plumbing problems that are better left to the professionals. Even if it looks like a quick fix, the job may escalate into a worse situation if you do it in the wrong way. To avoid all the hassle, engaging a plumber is highly recommended. Wondering why hiring a plumber is better than DIY? Read on to learn more.

1. One-stop solution

Plumbers provide a one-stop solution to your plumbing problems. They can repair leaks, clear blockages, install pipes and perform other maintenance jobs effectively. Instead of DIY that might consume your time as you attempt to figure the root cause of a problem, professionals can get things done more quickly. Get a quotation for plumbing services in Singapore today to ensure effective maintenance and repairs.

Here are how plumbers can provide a one-stop solution:

  • Diagnosis
  • Repair leaks, clogs, broken pipes and others
  • Routine maintenance
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures and other appliances

2. Expertise 

Most plumbers are well-trained and have completed a proper plumbing course. Years of working experience also allows them to know the right tool, equipment and method to use when solving complicated plumbing system issues. In addition, they are also able to diagnose the plumbing issue accurately. After identifying the root cause of an issue, they can provide a solution that addresses the problem effectively. Apart from this, professional plumbers can also advise on how to prevent future plumbing problems, should any potential issue arise. FixinGuru provides various handyman services in Singapore. Give us a call if you need any help with plumbing. 

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3. Access to equipment

Besides possessing the relevant know-how, professional plumbers also have access to a wide variety of equipment such as basin wrench, pliers, adjustable wrench, plunger, pipe cutters, to name a few. In addition, there are professional supply stores that only offer contractors with several products that are not commonly available to the general market. These high-quality supplies that are more long-lasting can be sourced by professional plumbers through contractors. 

4. Post-service support

A significant advantage of engaging a plumber compared to DIY is the provision of continued after-service support. Oftentimes, professional plumbers ensure you receive the required assistance by making follow-up calls to check if the work done is functioning properly. Another benefit of seeking professional assistance from plumbers near you is that you will be offered warranty on the work completed. This provides you the peace of mind, if any issues occur upon work completion. 

Post-service support-plumbing services singapore

While plumbing may seem like a simple and straightforward task that can be done by grasping DIY crafts and referring to internet guides, this is not the case. To avoid unnecessary costs and potential problems, hiring an experienced, skilled plumber saves you from all the hassle. Better still, these professionals guarantee that the job is done correctly.

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