Sertu Islamic Cleansing Services for Hand-over & End-of-Tenancy

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Singapore Sertu Islamic Cleansing Services: Make Your House Feel Like Home

Need Sertu Islamic cleansing services? FixinGuru provides Islamic deep home cleaning services to our Muslim customers in Singapore. From embassies , F&B establishments , tenants and property agents to landlords, we provide customised Sertu cleaning packages. The FixinGuru team is here to help, so you can get the Islamic cleaning services with a peace of mind without the need to doubt the quality of the cleanliness.

What is Islamic Cleaning Services or SERTU is about?

Sertu is a way of cleansing based on Islamic Shariah’s guidance that will purify the highest form of impurity derived from pig’s and dog’s or their derivatives.

In Islamic context impurities from pig and dog is called heavy Najis or Mughallazah and it must be fully cleaned before one can perform any activity. The process of cleaning such impurity is called Sertu and it can be applied to clothing, body or place.

The purification process need to be detailed and thoroughly done to ensure the full cleanliness of the area. The process will be in 1 wash with mixture of sertu soap (sabun tanah), 6 washes of pure water (air mutlaq).

Fixinguru offers Sertu or Islamic Cleaning services to anybody or company that requires such service.

Here are example of Sertu Services that Fixinguru provides:

  1. Home owners or tenants:

Landlord or tenants who wants to ensure their new house or apartment is free from any impurities before they move in

  1. New or existing F&B establishments

In order to be granted Halal cert , F&b establishments have to go through a stringent process which included a complete Sertu cleaning for the equipment’s, cutleries and the area of the food establishments

  1. Events such as weddings

Any events or places that need to be cleansed thoroughly before any activity in such area

Fixinguru is happy to serve our diversified Muslim Clients who needs the Sertu Services.

We also offer on site visit for any services related to Islamic Cleaning.

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Customers who require flexible arrangements (and fees) to clean and fix items at home at the end of the lease often find us easy to work with. This is because bigger companies usually charge based on a fixed price list, regardless of how big or small the job you require. But here at FixinGuru, we are flexible with making changes to cater to all your unique needs. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver reliable services at affordable and transparent fees.

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Know More About Islamic Cleansing

Sertu is an Islamic cleansing that involves a ritualistic method of cleaning things and places that may be contaminated by dogs, pigs and their descendants.

House cleaning, especially when moving in is an important part of the Islamic cleansing traditions. They practise a sacred ritual of purification called Sertu to rid the place of contaminants such as pigs and dogs.

Purification is one of the most important practices of the Islamic religion. They practise Islamic cleansing of the body, the house they live in and the things they touch.