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Never play with fire (or electricity in this case).

We all know that dealing with electrical issues is a huge hassle. It is a given that embarking on DIY repair work is never a good choice when it comes to electrical problems. Whether it be the repair of exposed wiring or the replacement of appliances, no matter how simple the task may seem, untrained individuals are liable to getting themselves hurt when tinkering with electrical circuits. Avoid accidents with the help of professional electrical services in Singapore today!

Why Trust Professional Electricians for All Electrical Services in Singapore

In Singapore, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) encourages that locals hire qualified electrical workers and their electrical services for electrical work that includes any form of alterations to electrical wiring, power points, and circuit breakers. This is because unlicensed service providers may pose safety risks and cause damage to the property or persons in the vicinity. This is where FixinGuru and our stream of electrical services come in.

Types of Electrical Services Does FixinGuru Provide

  • Socket Installation & Replacement
  • Light Installation & Replacement
  • Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement
  • Power Trip Repair Solution
  • Doorbell Installation
electrical power socket

1. Socket Installation & Replacement

Our electricians are experts at replacing old sockets with new ones that match your apartment or office. When you are facing difficulties inserting the electrical plug into the sockets, it is a sign that a change of sockets is required.

If you have already purchased an electrical socket, our electricians will be able to install it for you. We also provide durable electrical sockets at affordable prices for you to choose from when our electrical services are hired.

light installation

2. Light Installation & Replacement

Are your home lightings faulty or emitting insufficient light to brighten up the room? Our electricians are well-trained to diagnose the lighting issues and recommend a suitable solution.

ceiling fan installation

3. Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement:

Is the hot and humid weather in Singapore too unbearable? Is your old fan not efficient in cooling you down?

Our team of electricians can help you install a brand-new fan based on your requirements and ensure that it cools the room efficiently.

If you have a faulty fan that is making weird noises, our experienced electricians can also inspect the faulty electrical appliance and diagnose the issue within minutes.

power trip repair

4. Circuit Breaker Installation and Power Trip Repair Solution

Power tripping is very common, and the usual solution Singaporeans resort to is to reset the circuit. However, at times, even after resetting the circuit, your power might not come back up. In such scenarios, FixinGuru and our teams of electricians in Singapore offer the proper services, including circuit breaker installation, and solutions to help check and determine the underlying causes of the power trip.

doorbell installation

5. Doorbell Installation

If you have a built-in doorbell and it is time to install a new one, you can also rely on our electrical services. Our electricians in Singapore are well trained and will be available to assist you in installing a brand-new doorbell.

Why Choose FixinGuru’s Electrical Services?

Though it may seem like an affordable alternative to conduct electrical works on your own, hiring qualified electricians ensures that electrical wiring service works are done within the laws and regulations imposed in Singapore. Our electricians are well-equipped with the right electrical knowledge and have years of experience fixing short circuits, damaged wires, working on electrical fitting jobs and conducting other electrical services.

If you’re looking for a reliable handyman for electrical works, You can rest assured that your home or office is in good hands when you hire us to do the job. Contact us today via WhatsApp at +6587979735 or browse our price list for more information.

Condo Rewiring Service

Condominiums, known for their modern amenities and designs, require specialized attention when it comes to electrical systems. As condos age, their wiring can become outdated or even hazardous. Our condo rewiring services at FixinGuru ensure that your living space is not only up-to-date with the latest electrical standards but also safe and efficient. Whether you’re renovating or simply looking to upgrade your condo’s electrical infrastructure, our team of professionals is equipped to provide a seamless rewiring experience tailored to the unique needs of condominiums.

HDB Wiring & Rewiring Service

HDB flats, being a significant part of Singapore’s housing landscape, have their own set of electrical requirements. At FixinGuru, we offer a comprehensive HDB wiring and rewiring service designed to cater to both new and older HDB flats. Whether you’re setting up a new electrical point, rerouting existing systems, or undertaking a complete rewiring project, our team ensures that your HDB flat’s electrical system is safe, efficient, and compliant with all local regulations. From our specialized HDB rewiring package to general wiring services, we are committed to delivering quality and safety to every HDB homeowner.

About FixinGuru Handyman & Cleaning Services

FixinGuru Pte Ltd is a Singapore handyman and cleaning service company with more than ten years of experience.

We have served numerous Singapore customers throughout the years, especially providing all-in-one post-tenancy cleaning services to serviced apartments and rental apartment.

Customers who required a flexible arrangement (and fees) to clean and fix stuffs at home or in offices often find us easy to work with. Bigger companies usually charge based on a fixed price-list but we are flexible with making changes for your unique needs.

Our headquarter is located in Jurong East and we serve customers all over the sunny island at a moment notice. Feel free to contact us by phone, sms, WhatsApp, online chat or email anytime. We will reply as soon as our staff are available.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver reliable services at affordable and transparent fees.

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Know More About Electrical Services

With different companies come different charges for electrical services in Singapore. Here at FixinGuru, we strive to make our services as affordable for you as possible. Talk to us today.

Rewiring the whole house is one of the electrical services we offer here at FixinGuru. The price will depend on the length of wire, number of sockets and switches, and other materials needed.

Open or exposed wire, burnt wire, faulty appliances, problems with switches and lack of outlets are some of the most common electrical issues that necessitates electrical services.

The most common causes of electrical problems are infestations of rats and cockroaches, old wires, exposure to weathering elements or moisture.