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Doors are among the most important parts of a building, offering access and security to spaces. Regardless of how long your door has been installed, different types of door problems may arise over time just like any other mechanical object. The issues may include broken locks, misaligned hinges and more. Despite their simple functionality of opening and closing, there are still a number of parts that require maintenance to ensure proper security. Experiencing an issue with your doors? Refer to some of the most common types of door problems below to learn how to keep them in good working order.

1. Broken door locks

While most door locks are sturdy and durable, they can still get faulty after daily wear and tear. To avoid deterioration, it is important to get those broken door locks fixed as quickly as possible. If you are facing any of the problems below, perhaps it’s time to seek professional assistance from door repair services in Singapore.

  • The door latch doesn’t latch in proper alignment
  • The lock is not budging
  • The lock bolt is not operating

2. Broken or torn screen doors

Screen doors are great for keeping those pesky bugs out. But let’s face it, wear and tear is unavoidable even if you have tried your best to keep your screen door in good shape. Listed below are some reasons that may result in a broken screen door.

  • Fixed TV brackets

    This simplistic design is fully fixed to the wall without movement, perfect for those who are used to one same position at all times.

  • Extreme weather conditions

    The screen material may be damaged by intense cold, heat, wind, or rain, among other extreme weather conditions.

  • Poor maintenance

    As dirt and debris build up over time without adequate care, your screen door may be damaged.

Broken Doors or Torn Screen Doors-door repair singapore


3. Sticking and squeaking doors

Encountering problems of sticking and squeaking doors in your HDB? Seeking help from a handyman in Singapore saves you from all the hassle of performing DIY repairs. Before hiring one, you may want to explore several common causes of sticking and squeaking doors.

(i) Sticking doors

  • Warped door frame
  • Misaligned strike plate
  • Humidity and moisture
  • Age and wear

(ii) Squeaking doors

  • Sediment in the hinges
  • Bent hinges

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4. Damaged door jamb

Doors are one of the most frequently used objects in a household, but their importance is often overlooked. While door jambs may seem unremarkable, they can easily become damaged over time due to regular use. Using excessive force such as constantly slamming the door may wreck your door jamb even further. In addition, be aware of termites and other wood-eating insects as they can cause significant damage to the jamb as well. 

5. Soft or rotting wood on a door

Soft or rotting wood can compromise the structural integrity of your door. It may attract certain insects that thrive on a diet of decaying wood, triggering hygiene problems. Furthermore, it may also cause drafts and air leaks. If left untreated, the door may be further damaged and fail to function. To prevent these consequences, it is recommended to look for handyman services in Singapore so that your door can continue to serve for a longer time.

While the aforementioned door issues sound tricky, that does not mean they are unresolvable. The key is to use the correct tool and method to get the problems fixed. Engaging a handyman ensures efficiency and effectiveness, providing you with greater peace of mind.

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