TV Bracket Installation in Singapore

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Most TV purchases in Singapore include a standard tv bracket installation service, however, you might require such service when you are renovating your apartment or wish to reposition your television with a different TV mount.

One of the most important aspects of a good TV bracket installation in Singapore is to ensure that the bracket is securely attached to the wall and it is perfectly level.

FixinGuru provides a reliable complete TV installation service to all our customers at a transparent and flexible fee.

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Why Choose FixinGuru for TV Bracket Installation?

  • Precision & Perfection: Ensuring that the TV bracket is securely affixed with the right tools and equipment is crucial. Our professional experience installer has more than 5 years of experience in this particular skilled team ensuring a seamless and safe installation every time.
  • Transparent Pricing: With FixinGuru, there are no hidden fees. You get top-quality tv wall mounting service in Singapore at a clear and fair price.
  • Quick Contact: Reach out to us immediately for any inquiries via WhatsApp at +6587979735.

Why Let Professionals Handle Your TV Bracket Installation:

Perfect Viewing Experience: Professionals can assist in determining the best position for your TV in any room, ensuring a comfortable and immersive viewing angle for everyone.

Safety First: When a professional installs your TV bracket, you can rest assured that it’s the right fit and properly secured. No one wants to experience the unfortunate event of a TV falling off the wall. Our experts ensure a sturdy installation of TVs that will stand the test of time.

Expert Guidance: Our team can provide valuable insights regarding the best TV mounts to use based on your TV’s size and weight, wall type, and viewing preferences.

Aesthetic Appeal: A professional installation guarantees not just safety, but also a neat and clean setup without unsightly wires or holes.

From Installation to Customization: Your TV, Our Expertise

Professional Installation

Already have a TV bracket? Let us handle the installation for you. We offer fixed-price, professional services that won’t break the bank.

Seamless Relocation Services

Moving homes and need to take your wall-mounted TV with you? Contact us for a smooth and hassle-free TV relocation service.

Sturdy Drywall and Wood Reinforcement

Worried about hanging your heavy and costly TV on drywall, gypsum board, or other non-sturdy surfaces? We have the perfect reinforcement solutions for you.

Tailor-Made TV mounting Solutions

Looking for a customized metal bracket or structure? Reach out to discuss your exact specifications and get what you need.

Seamless TV Installation for Every Screen: Specializing in All Sizes and Brands

No matter the size or brand of your television, FixinGuru has got you covered. We recognize the unique requirements that different sizes and brands bring to the table:

32-inch TV Wall Mount Installation: Perfect for smaller rooms or spaces, mounting a 32-inch TV requires precision to optimize viewing. Our professionals ensure it’s mounted at the right height and angle for maximum comfort.

75-inch TV Wall Mount Installation: Larger TVs like the 75-inch models demand special attention to ensure they’re safely secured. Given their weight and dimensions, our team takes extra precautions to provide a sturdy and reliable setup.

Brand Specific Installations:

Whether you own an LG, Samsung, or Sony TV & or other brands, each brand has its nuances. We have a wealth of experience in handling installations specific to these brands, understanding their mounting mechanisms, and ensuring a perfect fit every time.

At FixinGuru, we pride ourselves on being versatile and equipped to handle any challenge. Whether you’re looking to mount a compact TV in a bedroom or a massive screen in a spacious living room, trust us to do it right. Know that we’re well-versed with their unique specifications and requirements. Let us handle the intricacies so you can simply sit back and enjoy your entertainment.

Book Your TV Installation Today

Enhance your viewing pleasure and ensure safety with a professional TV bracket installation. The peace of mind you get knowing that your TV is secure and at the best possible angle is invaluable. Contact FixinGuru today and take your home entertainment setup to the next level.

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Know More About Our TV Bracket Installation Service

FixinGuru offers affordable TV bracket installation service for homes and offices in Singapore. Talk to us today to get a detailed quotation of our service before booking.

It will not be wise to install a TV bracket yourself. Doing so has a considerable risk of damaging the walls or the bracket which may lead to an accident. Book our TV bracket installation today for a sure outcome.

Yes, it will be good to book a professional for your TV bracket installation. Professional handymen can deliver quality and safe installation service for a price you can afford. Thus, you can guarantee that your family and investments are well protected.