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Wall paint does not last forever. There are times whereby you will need a fresh coat of paint, perhaps to brighten up an old apartment or just before returning your rental apartment to the owner. Whatever the reason may be, there is no denying that painting has a dramatic impact on the overall look of your space. However, for many revamping their home or office space, the budget is at the forefront of their redesigning project. Therefore, attempting to DIY the painting works tends to be the go. But, doing so leads to more downfalls in the future. This is why hiring wall painting services for your HDB or other spaces, even for touch ups, is recommended, and FixinGuru offers wallet-friendly painting services to clients in Singapore so that you can stay within budget.

Why You Should Hire Painting Services in Singapore

Surely, embarking on a painting project on your own is a cost-efficient solution – at first glance at least. However, the benefits of hiring professional painting services triumph over doing so yourself, even when on a budget. Some of these benefits include:

  • Quality finish every time due to expertise in the field
  • Time spent is drastically reduced
  • Product knowledge and which will work best for specific areas of the property
  • You will not be required to clean up after the work is completed
  • Well-equipped for whatever painting task you have in mind

Painting Services FixinGuru Offers

  • Standard painting service
  • Touch Up painting services
standard painting of homes

1. Standard Painting Service

Our team of painters will be able to offer their painting services for your entire HDB or a single bedroom efficiently. We will recommend the type of paint to be used, and you can choose the colours according to your preference.

If you are considering painting the entire apartment yourself, do note that you will need to get all the right equipment and prepare the area for painting beforehand. You will need different size paint brushes, paint trays, and tins of paint. For preparing the painting the area, you will need to cover all furniture and tape the power sockets and other areas that you do not wish to paint.

Sounds too tedious? That is why FixinGuru is here to offer you wall painting services in Singapore at a budget.

touchup painting

2. Touch Up Painting Service

If you just need someone to fix the little patches of flaky paints on your walls, you can rest assured our experienced painters will get the job done. We will not charge you for a whole tin of paint when we conduct mere touch ups to your property.

We are flexible with our paint services, thus no matter how small the touch up is, you can contact us for a quotation. It will be even more cost-efficient for you if you have other small jobs such as house cleaning and fan repair so that we can bundle up the task and give you the best rates.

Why Choose Our Budget Painting Services in Singapore?

FixinGuru provides reliable wall painting services to all Singapore customers at a transparent and flexible fee. Beyond completing the painting task at hand, our professional painters can assist you in choosing the most suitable type of paint (oil-based or water-based) and recommend the colours too. All of our painters are highly skilled and equipped to handle all kinds of paint jobs.

You can contact us today via WhatsApp at +6587979735 or browse our price list for more information.

About FixinGuru Handyman & Cleaning Services

FixinGuru Pte Ltd is a Singapore handyman and cleaning service company with more than ten years of experience.

We have served numerous Singapore customers throughout the years, especially providing all-in-one post-tenancy cleaning services to serviced apartments and rental apartment.

Customers who required a flexible arrangement (and fees) to clean and fix stuffs at home or in offices often find us easy to work with. Bigger companies usually charge based on a fixed price-list but we are flexible with making changes for your unique needs.

Our headquarter is located in Jurong East and we serve customers all over the sunny island at a moment notice. Feel free to contact us by phone, sms, WhatsApp, online chat or email anytime. We will reply as soon as our staff are available.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver reliable services at affordable and transparent fees.

What’s next?

For urgent requests, do call us during office hours, WhatsApp us or leave your number behind for us to call you back.

For non-urgent requests, you can also email us at enquiry@fixinguru.sg.

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Know More About Painting Services in Singapore

The price of our painting services in Singapore depends on the amount of area you wanted us to paint. Apart from the labour cost, one key factor affecting the price is the amount of paint used. Thus, the larger the space that needs to be painted, the more expensive the painting services get.

It depends on how big the house is. Moreover, different colours for different rooms may also affect the price as well as if your house has a high ceiling or had undergone wallpaper installation before.

The price of our painting services may vary depending on how large the wall area is. Thus, it is recommended to give us a call so we can provide a more detailed pricing based on your specific requirements.

Factors such as labour cost, the price of materials and the amount of paint used in the painting services are just some of the considerations when coming up with the price for the service.

FixinGuru offers a very affordable labour cost for a professionally painted room. Talk to us today so we can give you a better idea of how much your room repainting will cost.