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Often, you may not encounter significant issues when it comes to carrying out simple repair and maintenance tasks in your house. Nonetheless, there are instances where professional assistance is required. This is when a handyman comes in handy, saving you time and effort. Handymen possess experience in performing various tasks and repairs, empowering greater convenience and efficiency compared to DIY. Before hiring one, make sure to find out whether the handyman offers the relevant services you need. Read on for some common types of handyman services below:

1. Painting

Planning on changing up your home aesthetics without the hassle that comes with it? Then perhaps it’s time to seek assistance from a handyman for painting services in Singapore. While painting usually takes up a vast amount of time and effort, handymen are still able to execute this task seamlessly. They have the right tools like drop clothes, paint rollers and many more, as well as the technique to carry out the work efficiently. 

2. Drilling

Drilling holes in walls may sound like an easy task but in fact, it requires adequate skills and the proper techniques to get it done right. Though you might possess the right tools for the job, you may not have the expertise required. By using the right tools and equipment, coupled with their experience in the field, handymen make drilling an easy job. You may select a preferred drilling service in Singapore if you are planning to install TV brackets, shelves, curtains, blinds and other furniture. 

3. Tile installation

Tile installation involves laying down adhesive, smoothening the floor, and tile layering. All of these require relative skills and precise measuring techniques to ensure a good outcome. Thanks to their experience, handymen service providers can cut tiles accurately to match the edges of the installation site. They are also able to do the layering work precisely to prevent crooked layouts and wasted space.

Tile installation

4. Water heater installation

A water heater serves as an essential household appliance that supplies hot water for daily usage needs. Apart from the services mentioned above, local handymen also provide water heater installation service in Singapore. With professional assistance from handymen, you can easily quote for reliable water heater services to cope with all kinds of water heater-related problems.

5. Replacement of fixtures

Breakdowns and defects of home fixtures are unavoidable, especially after many years. While most of them can be simply replaced through DIY, hiring a handyman to do the job ensures effectiveness and greater peace of mind. In general, handymen replace cabinets, lighting systems and other fixtures.

6. Window repair

Beyond providing occupants with a pleasant view of the outdoors, windows also facilitate the entry of natural light indoors. However, windows like all other home furniture are prone to wear and tear after long-term use, from water leakage to broken pulleys. Fret not, these issues are fixable by handymen. A handyman’s job scopes may include fixing the window and window frame, as well as cleaning up broken glasses, to name a few. 

7. Furniture installation

While assembling a new piece of furniture is often deemed as an easy task, improper assembling may make your home interior look unorganised, and cause inconvenience in terms of mobility. To ensure perfect fittings in your home, handymen’s furniture assembly services are what you should use. Most handymen assemble beds, workstations, tables and any other type of furniture. In addition, they also help with building cabinet boxes or other fixtures in your home. 

All in all, there are various types of handyman services available these days. Prior to engaging their services, be sure to verify with the handyman to find out what they are qualified to do. With their professionalism and skillfulness, rest assured that any work required for your property will be done effectively.

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