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Buying a house is perhaps one of the biggest milestones in life. From decorating the place to your own liking and ensuring a clean living environment, new homeowners would definitely find pride in taking care of the place. 

However, clutter and mess tend to pile up over the years, leading to limited storage space and pests. The more it piles up, the more difficult it becomes to clean your house and eventually your home may not even feel like home anymore.

So why does clutter affect our perception of the house? According to a study conducted by the Journal of Environmental Psychology, clutter can affect one’s mental health, leaving us feeling stressed and anxious over a lack of control.

Hence, this highlights the importance of cleaning your home. Not convinced? Here are 4 benefits of a clean home:

1) Keeps the germs and bacteria at bay

Due to Singapore’s humidity, germs and bacteria are able to thrive, particularly in dark and moist areas that are left mostly untouched. Especially now with COVID-19 cases rising, it is of the utmost importance to keep your home clean and safe. Should you require any COVID-19 disinfection services for your home, FixinGuru ensures to disinfect every corner of your home and eliminate the virus permanently. 

2) Enhances air quality

Air pollution in households is common as a result of poor ventilation and the formation of dust particles. Unbeknownst to many, excessive inhalation of dust poses a health threat to vulnerable groups like young children and the elderly. 

An unkempt house is the perfect breeding ground for dust and thus, cleaning your home is essential for eradicating dust particles and allergens, improving overall air quality. Cleaner air also leads to a better quality of sleep. 

While the solution to cleaning seems rather simple, sweeping the house may whip up dust that has already settled on the surface. This results in triggering allergic reactions. To avoid all the hassle, seek professional service from our cleaning company to assess the situation and act accordingly. 

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3) Sharpen your focus

In general, clutter gives the impression of a messy and chaotic space. It also keeps you distracted from visual sight and makes it difficult to search for items that are hidden among the mess. Decluttering your space gives the home a lease of new life, enabling you to finally see clearly where all your items are placed. Searching for something you need becomes effortless and much less time consuming.  

4) Eliminates chances of pests infestations

Clutter and mess make for the ideal invitation for pests like cockroaches into your home. Time to declutter once and for all! However, if you are still noticing these unsightly creatures despite removing clutter they may come from other sources. 

Especially in older HDB flats and condominiums, the rubbish chute is commonly found inside the house. When it is not sealed properly, pests can easily travel through these chutes into your home. Should you have issues closing your rubbish chute fully, it is advisable to get your rubbish chute repaired. Alternatively, you may want to consider HDB rubbish chute replacement services if you realise that your chute has become faulty.

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Your home is a sacred place for living and recreational purposes. To recharge and rest comfortably after a long day, it is recommended to keep your house tidy and clear of clutter. Keeping your house clean has never been easy but the end result is worth it, keeping you and your loved ones safe from potential bacteria and pests from developing. 

Take control of the clutter in your home! FixinGuru is your one-stop centre for cleaning and handyman services. Engage us for your housing needs today!

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