Looking for handyman and repair services in Singapore? Here is a full list of phone numbers and email addresses of all the Singapore handyman companies and service providers that we have compiled – some of them offer 24 hour handyman services for your convenience. If you find any of them out-dated, do let us know here. We will try our best to filter out any unprofessional or unqualified handyman services in Singapore and only list those with decent reviews and experience.

How to Choose the Right Handyman and Repair Services?

It is always difficult to decide on which handyman services to engage. We strongly recommend you select 3 to 5 companies from the list below and contact each of them for more information. To ensure that they are fit for the job or project you have in mind, request for information such as:

  1. How soon can they work on your job?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. Any after-job warranty?
  4. If they have any references or proof of work experience and licensing


Website: www.FixinGuru.sg
Phone Number: +65 8797 9745
Email: enquiry@fixinguru.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fixinguruSG/

Handyman Services Singapore

Website: www.handymanservices.sg
Phone Number: +65 8282 6888

Superstar Handyman

Website: www.superstarhandyman.com
Phone Number: +65 93691 373
Email: sgsuperstarhandyman@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/superstarhandyman/

A1 Handyman

Website: www.a1handyman.com
Phone Number: +65 6653 7555
Email: enquiry@a1handyman.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/A1-Handyman-Singapore-622937334842608

LS Handyman Service & Carpenter

Website: www.handymansingapore.net
Phone Number: +65 6854 4992
Email: support@handymansingapore.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LSHandymanSingapore/

Everyworks Services

Website: www.everyworks.com
Phone Number: +65 8241 0032
Email: enquiry@everyworks.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EveryworksSG/

LongJohn Joe Services

Website: longjohnjoe.com
Phone Number: +65 9328 9338
Email: LJJservices@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sghandyman.longjohnjoe

Joydom Engineering

Website: www.joydom.com.sg
Phone Number: +65 8163 2621
Email: enquiry@joydom.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JoydomSG/

Alpha Zenith

Website: azmovers.com.sg
Phone Number: +65 9832 2028
Email: info@azmovers.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/azmovers.sg/

Kiasu Plumber

Website: kiasuplumber.com
Phone Number: +65 8820 5579
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PlumberSG/

Vimbox Services

Website: vimboxmovers.sg
Phone Number: +65 6339 4439
Email: sales@vimboxmovers.sg
Facebook: facebook.com/vimboxmovers/

HRD Professional Handyman

Website: singaporehandyman.com.sg
Phone Number: +65 6782 9200
Email: sales.web@singaporehandyman.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SingaporeBestHandyman/


Website: www.handymanxpert.com
Phone Number: +65 8709 7975
Email: admin@handymanxpert.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/handymanxpert/

Mr Wright

Website: mrwright.sg
Phone Number: +65 6467 0396
Email: sales@mrwright.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mrwrightsg/

Fast Handyman Services

Website: https://www.handymansgonline.com
Phone Number:+65 8184 2538


Website: de-yuan-chang.business.site
Phone Number: +65 9727 0613

Handyman King

Website: handyman-king.com
Phone Number: +65 8730 6882
Email: handiman.king.sg@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Handyman-King-662855380813908/

DSM Handyman

Website: www.dsmhandyman.com
Phone Number: +65 6443 7567
Email: hello@dsmhandyman.com
: www.facebook.com/pages/category/Home-Improvement/DSM-Handyman-485211498332663/

Genesis Contractors

Website: www.teamgenesispro.com
Phone Number: +65 8150 3053
Email: genesis2007sg@yahoo.com.sg
: www.facebook.com/genesiscontractorsltd

ISOTEAM Homecare

Website: www.isohomecare.com
Phone Number:+65 6745 0150
Email: homecare@iso-team.com
: www.facebook.com/ISOHomeCareSingapore/

Tec Square Handyman Service

Website: tecsquare.com.sg
Phone Number: 65 8167 6888
Email: enquiry@tecsquare.com.sg
: www.facebook.com/Handyman-Services-Singapore-616551435217954/

Sincere Home Services

JACT Trading

Website: handyman.com.sg
Phone Number: 65 9230 4163
Email: james@handyman.com.sg
: www.facebook.com/people/Jact-Trading/100008129024912

19 Handyman Services Offered by FixinGuru in Singapore

FixinGuru is a Singapore handyman and cleaning service company based in the west of the island. We pride ourselves as the local handyman that you can trust and hire.

Our team of handymen and cleaners are all well-trained and have numerous years of experience working at different apartments and houses across Singapore. We believe that we can help you out with almost anything in your house. Be it issues with your electrical wiring or assistance with the assembly of furniture, we will be able to offer you the best fit solution at affordable prices. At list of our handyman and repair services include:

1. Apartment Handover

Is it the end of your tenancy? Or are you a property agent left to attend to all your post tenancy work? We offer handover cleaning and repair services to ease your apartment handover process. Why hire our end of tenancy cleaning services?

  • Attract prospective tenants
  • Ensure a full return of security deposit
  • Our fees are transparent and straightforward


2. Apartment Styling & Staging

Are you looking to wow future tenants with your home? FixinGuru has years of expertise in styling and staging empty rental apartments into desirable homes for tenants. If you seek to revamp the place with new furniture and decorations, you can even purchase them from us.

You can rest assured that our specialists will rework your home to make it look attractive enough to justify the rental prices you have in mind.


3. Plumbing Services

24 hour handyman  and plumbing services? Yes, you heard that right! FixinGuru and our stream of services are made available to you so that even your urgent plumbing matters are addressed efficiently. If you simply wish to find a trustworthy plumber who will provide a straightforward service at a transparent price, we make ourselves available to you.

Types of Plumbing Services we provide:

  • Toilet Repair & Installation
  • Pipe Services
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Water Tap Repair, Installation, and Replacement
  • Shower Set Installation and Repair

It is stated on https://www.fixinguru.sg/plumber-singapore/ that the customers can seek urgent help in the middle of the night. Therefore, it has been assumed that services are 24/7

plumber services

4. Cleaning Services

We provide both ad-hoc and deep home cleaning services to our clients in Singapore. Even if you require repair work done, we offer the proper services to address all your needs.

Our cleaning fees are hourly rated and very affordable. Our cleaners are experienced in provided top-quality services regardless of the size of your property.

home cleaning services

5. Water Heater Installation/ Repair

Is your water heater not working properly? Our handyman can help you get your faulty water heater running in no time so that you can get water of the desired temperature whenever you please. So, why hire professionals?

It is very dangerous to try to fix a water heater by yourself as a water heater is an electrical appliance and may lead to electric shock when the repair is not done right.

water heater repair

6. Electrical Services

A tripped circuit, exposed wires, or need help switching out lighting? Our electricians are well-equipped with the right electrical knowledge and have years of experience fixing short circuits, damaged wires, and working on electrical fitting jobs. You can rest assured that your home or office is in good hands when you hire our electrical services

Electrician wiring a ceiling light

7. Painting Services

Unless you are seeking to paint the walls by yourselves, our professional painters can assist you in choosing the most suitable type of paint (oil-based or water-based) based on your needs and provide advice on the colours too.

All of our painters are highly skilled and equipped to handle all kinds of paint jobs and will ensure a clean and neat painting job.

painting services

8. Movers Services

Stressed out about moving homes? FixinGuru has got you covered with our team of movers that provide reliable moving services to all Singapore and Malaysian residents.

We will be able to assist you to move belongings, such as furniture, across the island, or cross the border into Malaysia if required. Do note that when moving stuff into Malaysia or Singapore (from Malaysia), GST may be applicable. We will advise you on GST matters when our services are sought after.

moving services singapore

9. TV Bracket Installation

One of the most important aspects of a good TV bracket installation is to ensure that the bracket is securely attached to the wall, and it is perfectly level.

FixinGuru provides a reliable TV bracket installation service to all Singapore customers at a transparent and flexible fee.

Installing mount TV

10. Locksmith Services

Find yourself being locked out of your home frequently due to faulty gates? Or are you locked out of your home now and require urgent help opening your doors? You can rely on us and our 24 hour handyman services when you need urgent help in the middle of the night or just wish to find a reliable locksmith who will provide a straightforward service at an affordable price.

Why choose us? Because we do not charge outrageous fees for straightforward unlocking jobs.

Finding a locksmith is not difficult in Singapore. However, finding one that will get the job done quickly and for a reasonable fee is often a challenge.

locksmith man fix the bathroom door by screwsriver

11. Aircon Servicing

FixinGuru provides no-frills aircon servicing to all Singapore customers at a transparent fee.

Getting your air-conditioning units serviced or repaired is made easy with our handyman services in Singapore

Young asian male technician repairing air conditioner at home

12. Drilling Services

Are you unaware of the wiring behind your walls or not sure how to conduct drilling works without affecting the structural integrity of your home? Drilling a hole requires more than a drill, it requires the right drill bit and the right technique to avoid destroying your beloved wall. FixinGuru offers top-quality drilling services by experts so that you do not have to worry about the success of your home project.

drilling services

13. Door Repair

At some point in time, our doors will give way as we use them so often. As Murphy’s law states, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. When your doorknobs, hinges, handles, or locks start to show signs of wear and tear or damage, it is a sign that you should hire door repair services to get it fixed immediately before you find yourself in an unwanted situation.

door lock installation

14. Furniture Assembly Services

Understanding the increasing trends in online purchases of furniture and the lack of proper tools to assemble them, FixinGuru has decided to cater to the growing demands by providing furniture assembly service to Singaporeans. We provide furniture assembly service to customers who often shop online for furniture and require assistance in putting them together.

handyman furniture assembly

15. Wall Mounting

You can rely on us to mount your new flat-screen TV, a full-length mirror, kitchen shelves, your curtain rods, or a newly bought painting. Our FixinGuru handyman will deliver a no-frills and reliable experience to assist you with the wall mounting task for various kinds of walls and ceilings.


16. Carpentry Services

FixinGuru provides reliable carpentry services to all Singapore customers at a transparent and flexible fee.

You can entrust minor carpentry tasks to our professional team of carpenters.

We will only charge you based on your unique needs. Therefore, you do not need to worry about paying outrageous fees for minor repair work.

carpenter taking measurement of a wooden plank

17. Rubbish Chute Services

A properly sealed rubbish chute is crucial for keeping the smell and pests out of your apartment. A correctly placed latch and the hinge will ensure that your home is kept hygienic. If you need a handyman to do the job, you can call us to get your rubbish chute replaced the right way.

18. Disinfecting Services

The pandemic has brought about a nationwide health scare. The COVID-19 disinfection service is specially created for Singapore residents who are currently under Stay-At-Home notice and wish to schedule a disinfection service of their home after the 14 days’ notice period.

We are providing this service at a heavily discounted rate to help as many people as possible under the Stay-Home notice to facilitate their safe stay in this period of uncertainty.

If you are a F&B business or an essential business who is still operating during the pandemic, we will love to help you keep your premises clean too.


19. More Services

If you have any other tasks in mind but they are not stated above, do not hesitate to contact us to seek advice. We probably will be able to help you out.

fixinguru single point of contact service


Why Choose FixinGuru?

Beyond our extensive list of handyman services, as stated above, we have a team of experienced specialists, and handymen in Singapore will get the job done efficiently and damage-free. Browse our price list for more information or contact us via WhatsApp at +65 8797 9745 for more information.